Sunday, October 23, 2011

On the woman caught in adultery

In his formal Cease & Desist letter to our blogger, Prescott attorney Jay R. Eaton formally asked for a post about John 8:7 and how our blogger "might somehow be exempt from this scripture."

That presumes Mr. Eaton knows what John 8:7 means and that our blogger is guilty of violating its meaning. Clearly, as we'll see, Mr. Eaton doesn't know what the verse means. (But he's in 'good' company. Madonna shares his understanding.)

And ironically, by his implied accusation against our blogger, if Mr. Eaton really believes what he implies, then he shows himself to be a hypocrite!

Now, the last half of John 8:7 is where Jesus tells the lawyers—ironically like Mr. Eaton—and the Pharisees, both who hated Jesus and His followers, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." (This was where both wanted to stone a woman {but not the man} caught in adultery.)

Taken out of context, it sounds like Jesus is saying we should never punish anyone for sin because, truly, none of us is without sin. Any by implication, per Mr. Eaton, that we should never even accuse someone of sin. (Jesus never said that.) Which is Mr. Eaton's implication about our blogger, that our blogger is in sin for violating John 8:7 but "exempt."

Is that what Jesus is teaching here? That we should never accuse anyone of sin because we are sinners ourselves? Let's see.

First, just as you don't like to be quoted out of context, neither does God. So let's step back a moment and consider what the passage is about, to get some background.

The passage is a story you all probably know in passing. It's the story about the woman caught in adultery.

Which is ironic. And maybe telling. The woman caught in adultery? Is that what the late Melody Bodine's, and now the current Melody Thomas-Morgan's, harassing Injunctions Against Harassment are all about? (The late Mrs. Bodine mentioned adultery in court during when she got her first Injunction.)

Is Melody Thomas-Morgan's attorney confirming that the late Melody Bodine committed adultery on a wild, devil may care excursion to Scottsdale? Well why not just say so and get it over with? Hey, if no one can cast the first stone, then what's the big deal? I'm sure the good saints at the First Baptist Church of Prescott would give Melody a pass, just as they've given her a pass on everything else.)

As far as we know, no one has asked her, nor has she confirmed or denied. (We wonder if her former attorney, now Judge, Cele Hancock knows? It probably would have come up in preparation for the deposition during her divorce.)

But there's a lot more to the story than simple adultery, which we will develop later. (We hinted at it above. Who is missing from the picture of the woman caught in adultery? Hint: Read Leviticus 20:10. And think about how our legal system today is often misused for personal gain. Nothing has changed in 2000 years.)

But before we get too far into context, for completeness, we point out that this passage may not be Scripture. The story is not in the earliest Biblical manuscripts. And so, as attorneys often say, this may be assuming facts not entered into evidence. So there may not be any need to explain John 8:7, for it may not be something Jesus really said, making Mr. Eaton's accusation moot.

Nevertheless, when you understand the verse, we don't see anything that violates Scripture and, personally, we believe it is historically correct and fits in perfectly with the rest of Scripture. (We admit to not seeing that for many years as a baby Christian. But with study and time, it makes perfect sense now.) So on we go.

Now, this verse, that "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her" is one of the few passages of Scripture that unbelievers seem to know. In fact, the slutty, fornicating singer Madonna knew the verse and used Jesus' words to shut down her critics.

That ought to tell you something right there. Do you think Madonna knows the Bible? Do you think Jesus would tell us that no one should call out her sin?

Well, before we tell you what Jesus was talking about in this unique case (as lawyers would say, "distinguished from others,") let's tell you what Jesus was NOT talking about.

Jesus was NOT telling the lawyers and the Pharisees that it was wrong to punish (or to accuse) anyone for (or of) sin. You'd think a lawyer, like Mr. Eaton, would know this. You don't even have to open the Bible. It's common sense.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Jesus green lighted the execution. He did NOT say "Do not stone her to death."

Our legal system is always accusing people of sin. And no one thinks that's wrong. But you know that no one in the legal system is without sin. Our blogger has seen cops lose their certification for stealing. But these same cops arrested people for stealing. Our blogger has seen prosecutors accuse people of knowingly violating law. But these same prosecutors knowingly violate law. And do we have to tell you about cheating judges?

In fact, not even Mr. Eaton seems to believe that Jesus was telling us not to accuse anyone of sin. because that's exactly what Mr. Eaton is implying in his C&D letter: that our blogger is in sin for calling out sin! We trust Mr. Eaton would admit that he is not without sin. So even if our blogger is in sin, how can Mr. Eaton accuse him of same?

Or, if he believes it, then Mr. Eaton is a hypocrite, which, Biblically, is more probable. Jesus called the lawyers and Pharisees of His day hypocrites. Read all of Matthew 23. And when you read it, remember that Jesus was angry at them, shouting at the top of His lungs. (Awww. how mean of a loving God.)


Well, we trust that Mr. Eaton will read this post, since he asked for it. (Hopefully he will not run to Judge Kenton Jones and ask for an Injunction Against Harassment as his client, Melody Thomas-Morgan did.)

We hope Mr. Eaton will repent and confess his sin and come to know Jesus and His words. (We wonder if he's Catholic? Or maybe he attends The First Baptist Church of Prescott? Hmmm... anyone know the latter? That would be an Ethics violation, a conflict of interest, wouldn't it?)

In the meantime, why not read the Bible for yourself to see if you can find instances where God clearly commands "sinners" to stone others for sin. Even in the New Testament we are commanded to call out sin and punish for it.

We'll plan to pick up this discussion later and show you what God says.

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