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Making the 'breast' of it . . .

Neither Jesus or the Apostle Paul got angry when they were falsely accused and, commensurate with this, our blogger is likewise even tempered when falsely accused. He was told to expect it and was told he would be blessed when people falsely persecute him for the sake of Christ. (See his nonplussed reaction when attacked while evangelizing, for example.)

And, for the most part, neither Jesus or Paul defended themselves from false charges, as when the Jews intimated that Jesus was a bastard child, born out of wedlock. (That was still a sin back in those days, not like today.) But, occasionally, both of them felt it necessary to confront the lies. Not so much to defend themselves, but to set the record straight.

So with that in mind, let's set the record straight. Let's tell the whole truth, instead the half-truths Melody Thomas-Morgan swore before Judge Kenton Jones. (These would be funny if not for Judge Jones signing on.)

In her petition for an Injunction Against Harassment
Miss Thomas-Morgan writes, "He [our blogger] told women in our church that women breast feed for sexual pleasure . . . "

Uhhhh . . . even if he really said that, what has this got to do with Harassment?

It's probably a trick she learned from her scumbag divorce lawyer (IMO), who would often slime the opposition with like off-point prejudicial statements, without opposition attorneys objecting for relevance. (It seems to be a popular cheater's trick. Here's a story about a man suing another scumbag divorce lawyer for libel.)

Here's what our blogger really said years about ten years ago. If you have a good memory, you might remember the story. It was before the Internet, but fortunately, others on the net still talk about it. From the website, a comment from oceans3:
does anyone remember back in the early 80's (i think) a woman was breastfeeding and experienced feelings of arousal? she called someone (a lactation consultant or someone in "that dept.") who she thought could help her explain these feelings that were confusing to her. well what happened was, the woman reported her to social services and the breastfeeding mom was arrested.
And from yahoo answers, from sarge927
Several years ago, there was a big to-do about a mother who called a 1-800 help line and asked if it was normal for her to get aroused while breast feeding. Would you believe Child Protective Services tried to take her baby away from her?!?!! OK, so it doesn't happen often, but it doesn't mean the woman is some kind of pervert or deviant if it DOES happen. Breast feeding IS natural, and the vast majority of women say their breasts are "hot spots" when it comes to sexual arousal, so if you do the math, there is at least some chance that a woman will become aroused when breast feeding a baby. So the woman should just accept it, get on with her life, and be VERY QUIET about it since most people will think she's weird.
THIS last is the story our blogger had heard on the news, and is EXACTLY what our blogger was telling the women in church. (In New York State somewhere.) As with the commenters above, our blogger was outraged that anyone would be arrested or have their baby taken away for the natural act of breast feeding. He told the older women in his church this story. He suggested they, in turn, warned the younger women that, if they felt any arousal while breast feeding, they should NOT contact any government agency about it. Rather, as God instructs in the Bible, the younger women should ask the older about it.

Now, Miss Thomas-Morgan adds the snide remark to her sworn statement. Picking it up from "women breast feed for sexual pleasure" she adds, "(personally, never met a one.)" Again, what does this have to do with Harassment? This is silly! Judge Jones, what were you thinking when you signed this? (We hope he bothered to read it, as required by the Arizona Rules of Protective Order Procedure.)

Apparently Miss Thomas-Morgan has never heard of the hormone oxytocin. Here is an excerpt from an article titled "Is breastfeeding a sexual act?" It is adapted from "Breastfeeding a crime?
Is breastfeeding an act of sexual pleasure? Do mother and baby feel something sexually while nursing? To think that the baby would feel something sexually is utter nonsense. Little babies and children don't have any such thoughts or feelings going through their mind. For them the breast is simply a source of food and comfort. Of course nursing feels good to the baby, but that feeling is not sexual, just a general good feeling.

The mother also generally enjoys nursing her child (unless her nipples are sore!). This is largely due to a hormone-like substance called oxytocin which is released as a consequence of nursing and holding the infant, the levels being based on the amount of this kind of contact.

Oxytocin also produces uterine contractions during labor, is strongly involved in mother-child bonding after birth and during breastfeeding relationship, it is released during sexual intercourse, and its blood levels rise also in response to touch, warmth, and remembering a positive relationship. It is released in the brain chiefly in response to social contact, but its release is especially pronounced with skin-to-skin contact.

This hormone has been called the "love hormone" or the "cuddle hormone" or the "bonding hormone". It provides a sense of calm and well being and promotes bonding patterns and creates desire for further contact with the individuals inciting its release. It helps the mother and child to bond together. It is involved in those mothering feelings we experience after giving birth to a child.

Since it is present during sexual intercourse, it also helps men and women to bond together and form lasting relationships. It makes you want to cuddle, touch, be close, be affectionate towards another human being. Without oxytocin, animals don't recognize or remember their partner though they are able to recognize objects. Autistic children (who often have difficulty with social relationships) have lowered levels of this hormone.
This shows God's wisdom in Creation. He made things so that mothers may enjoy breast feeding their babies (a thankless task) and He made it so when the baby teethes, mom knows it's time to wean.

We feel sorry that Miss Thomas-Morgan has never known anyone who has experienced this bonding with her children, as she herself reports (which, by extension, includes the late Melody Bodine), but just because she has never experienced it, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

As for telling women they shouldn't wear deodorant because it could cause breast cancer, again, you've got to wonder what is going on in Arizona that allows garbage like this in Injunction petitions? What has this got to do with Harassment? (This is a proximate result of there being no sanctions to filing frivolous petitions. In Federal Injunctions, the petitioning party often has to post a bond to cover damages to the other party if a petition is frivolous.)

But, in the spirit of setting the record straight, what our blogger warned (and it's not just for women but for men too. He uses a homeopathic deodorant product himself), there is speculation that the aluminum products in under arm deodorant may present an increased risk for breast cancer.

From the U.K. Daily Mail (with the commensurate British spelling of Aluminum):
A link has been found between aluminium in deodorants and cancer, according to British scientists.

Tests found that women who used deodorants had deposits of aluminium in their outer breasts. The samples were taken from women who had undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Aluminium is not normally found in the human body and scientists are reasonably convinced the presence of the metal means it is being absorbed from anti-perspirant sprays or roll ons. Most deodorants contain aluminium salts, because the metal is effective at stopping skin sweating.

Hmmm... we wonder if the U.K. Mail is harassing Thomas-Morgan by promulgating this report?

Well, maybe more than you wanted to know. But what we really see here is that our blogger is a caring man, somewhat well-informed, who wants to save his fellow man (and woman) from harm.

And we see how silly Arizona is when it comes to petitions for Harassment and how judges are not exercising any discretion at all.

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