Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Another) Mother murders kids, self

It happened again. Another crazy women murders her children. According to the story,
Tonya Thomas, 33, fatally shot her four children, who ranged in age from 12 to 17, said Lt. Tod Goodyear, a spokesman for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.
Of particular interest for this blog is that this lady was a church going lady (but unlike the late Melody Bodine, she didn't attend First Baptist Church of Prescott) and apparently lied to the cops about her husband.
Two years earlier, she filed a domestic violence complaint against [her husband] Joe Johnson, but that was dismissed after a hearing.
Crazy women do that. (Lie a lot.)

Mr. Johsnon is one of the few men we've heard of who actually got a DV complaint dismissed against him. We know a Christian man in Ogden, Utah, whose wife, like the late Melody Bodine, left him. Like the late Melody Bodine, this man's wife also sought an Order of Protection against her husband when she filed papers.

Even though the trial judge rebuked the woman for stretching the truth (when the judge asked her if her husband had ever struck her, she thought about it a long time, and said, "Once, while we were playing cards, he reached over and slapped me on the knee"), the judge issued the OOP anyway, just to be "safe" as most judges do.

So much for Equal Protection under the Law. (Men, it's all about money. It's called the "Violence Against Women Act," a federal program with lots of money to go around.)

She had also struck her husband.
Records also showed that Thomas was arrested in 2002 on a misdemeanor battery charge for striking the father of her children.
We've heard this happens. A lot.

The charges were later dropped, which, based on what we've learned from other men whose crazy wives have also struck them, probably means she really did hit him but her loving husband forgave her. (Hey, even Tiger Woods didn't bring charges against his wife for beating him up.)

Well, the moral of this story is that you can never tell what this righteous, lying, church-going women are going to do. This one murdered her teenage kids. So not even they were safe. About all you can do it look for parallels in behavior. And when the shoe fits, RUN!