Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(YOU) tell it to the church

Here's a link to a YouTube of Mrs. Bodine's first husband's spiritual (and emotional) appeal to his church (the apostate First Baptist Church of Prescott Arizona), per Matthew 18:17.

If the YouTube link is down, try this link, posted by a brother in France.

Mrs. Bodine's first husband sent about 600 CD's and audio cassettes of his appeal to the members of First Baptist. No one called him to help. A few loving "christians" contacted him, telling him, essentially, to "shut up." (Look, if what Mr. Bodine did was wrong, they should have rebuked him in love, showing him his error. Telling him to "shut up," isn't the same.)

Interestingly, Mrs. Bodine (through her scumbag divorce lawyer) introduced this audio as evidence in her divorce trial. Amazingly, despite the objection that this spiritual monologue was a First Amendment Religion issue, the evil Judge Howard Hinson allowed it into evidence anyway. (Throughout the trial, scumbag divorce lawyer (IMO) Mark Moore spoke about Mr. Bodine's spiritual beliefs as grounds for divorce. THAT is really dangerous. Arguably, Mark Moore is a traitor to YOUR constitutional rights.)

But who knows? Maybe God used their evil actions for good, to make this public today? Perhaps your evil wife is divorcing you and her evil church is aiding and abetting her? You're not alone.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Court papers

Perhaps some of the papers our blogger has filed in this matter will help you in your fight against a civil injunction against harassment.See

Among the filings is a Motion for a Court ordered mental exam of Melody Thomas-Morgan.

It's our blogger's personal experience with injunctions, reinforced by observations of others who have sought injunctions, that these people tend to be of unsound mind. (In our opinion, paranoid. Listen to Quartzsite Councilman Joe Winslow seek an ex parte injunction against Michael Roth.)

Fortunately, Arizona law disqualifies someone of unsound mind from testifying in a civil matter - which means, legally, they can't get an injunction.

That's the theory, anyway.

(In reality, Arizona's civil injunction law is unconstitutional.)