Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Sincerest Apologies

The timing on this couldn't have been any better and this should help our blogger with his latest federal civil rights lawsuit. (Thanks, Lord!) Our blogger just received a cease and desist letter from Melody Thomas-Morgan about this blog! (Although, technically, the blog is focused on the late Melody Bodine.)

Ironically, when our blogger sent the late Mrs. Bodine a cease and desist letter years ago, asking her to stop spreading slander about him, Prescott JP Judge Arthur Markham considered that "harassment!"

We presume it's okay to make this cease and desist letter public since 1) if Miss Thomas-Morgan sues our blogger, her attorney will put this letter in the public record anyway, and 2) as above, if the Lord wills, the letter will be in the pubic record in a few days in federal court. [UPDATE: Done.] So click on the images below to read the full size images. Note the end of page 2, where the attorney goes into religion.
Cease and Desist letter from Melody Thomas-Morgan p1Cease and Desist letter from Melody Thomas-Morgan p2

In short, the good news is, Miss Thomas-Morgan's attorney acknowledges the First Amendment right of bloggers: "While you certainly have the right to blog about your various fixations with Ms. Thomas-Morgan . . . " Uh, so then, that's protected speech. How then can a court give Miss Thomas-Morgan an Injunction Against Harassment for what her own attorney acknowledges is protected speech?

Look, if this blog contained any untruthful information—and, to the best of our knowledge (a cute CYA line our blogger learned from observing the late Melody Bodine in court), it does not—then that could be considered libelous. (If done intentionally and with malice, as opposed to mistake.) In that event, there are civil remedies for libel.

But note that not even Miss Thomas-Morgan's attorney, Mr. Jay R. Eaton, says this blog contains untruthful or even erroneous information. He just wants certain things removed, claiming they "may" harm Miss Thomas-Morgan's business. (Hmmm.... we think the The Ripoff Report website has thoroughly adjudicated that argument in Arizona. You should see the arguably harmful stuff posted there.)

Well, even though our blogger has been determined indigent (IFP) by the federal courts, which makes a suit by Miss Thomas-Morgan extremely unprofitable and pointless (gonna be impossible to get attorney fees), to try to make peace with everyone (per Hebrews 12:14) we make a good faith effort to comply with Mr. Jay Eaton's request to "remove all references in [this] blog to [Miss] Thomas-Morgan's business and all accusations which imply [Miss] Thomas (sic) is a danger to any human being in her care. Additionally, remove all links to [Miss] Thomas-Morgan's profile." (I suppose we should be flattered that they think anyone but Miss Thomas-Morgan reads this blog! The stats are near zero!)

So we've spent the time reviewing this blog to remove said links. We only found one. (It would have helped if they had been diligent to copy the various pages and circled what they wanted redacted. But we have done our best to accommodate.)

While our blogger, like the prophet Ezekiel in the Bible, would be remiss if he didn't warn you of what he foresees (because God will hold him accountable if he doesn't warn you. Per Ezekiel 33:
When I say to the wicked, 'O wicked man, you will surely die,' and you do not speak out to dissuade him from his ways, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood . . . Ohhh... can we talk about blood and death on a blog?)
he will leave it at this: He hopes that if you were going to entrust your elderly mother or father in anyone's care, you would perform due diligence and would want references first. For example, you should ask to see a business license, bonding and insurance paperwork, any other State credentials if needed, etc. And he suggests you ask the potential caregiver for personal references. Like, maybe you should ask to speak to her own father-in-law as a reference, to see how she cared for him? There's a Biblical principle here, regarding elders in the church: If she does not know how to manage her own family, how can she take care of yours? That's good advice in general, is it not?

And let us say, as sincerely as we can, that although we've never met Miss Thomas-Morgan, nor ever spoken with Miss Thomas-Morgan, and so have never known Miss Thomas-Morgan, perhaps she's changed since the last our blogger saw her while he watched in court. (January 2011 while she was testifying in a motion to hold her in contempt.) We would like to believe she is not at all "senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless" like the foolish described in Romans 1:31 and would like to believe she is a trustworthy woman.

And last, in his official cease and desist letter, Mr. Jay R. Eaton, attorney-at-law, asks our blogger to comment on John 8:7. Wow. That's the same line Madonna used to justify her sins!

(Hmmmm... so he acknowledges this is all about religion. Going to be hard to broach First Amendment Exercise of Religion into a court of law, isn't it?)

I'm surprised Mr. Eaton didn't rip the only other verse from the Bible out of context most unbelievers know. (Matthew 7:1 )

But when our blogger has the time, he will gladly explain the meaning of John 8:7. Like most of the Bible, it's actually not that hard to understand when you read it in context.

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