Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sex in the City (of Scottsdale)

A map of Scottsdale, ArizonaI still can't get over the amazing parallels in my new found brother's story (Brian) about his ex-wife and my friend's late wife, Mrs. Bodine. Specifically, Brian's wife decided to commit adultery when she decided to divorce her husband. Women, is this typical? Never having been married myself, and never having known anyone as a long time friend who divorced before, I'm new to all this and still shocked. So you tell me.

Let me tell you a story and you tell me what you think happened. Let's say a couple is having marital problems and, right or not, they decide to try so-called "marriage counseling." (It's not right. The remedy is to confess your sins to each other, get your eyes back on God and move forward. But that assumes you're both Christian.)

And let's say that one of the things the marriage counselor draws out of the husband is that, deep down, he doesn't really trust his wife. (I don't know if that was always the case or recent as their problems rose to the surface.)

And let's say that his wife, upon hearing that, goes absolutely bonkers. She drove home like a wild woman, almost suicidal, at about 100 miles an hour. See, she believes she's a "trustworthy woman." (Actually, I would learn later that she never really trusted him, always worried about money, so maybe there's some "projecting" going on here? In any event, it's a pride problem. The proper response would have been to ask "Why don't you trust me?" listen to the answer, and try to repair the perceived or real problem.)

When they get home (without killing anyone on the road thankfully) she takes some "mad money" (2nd definition) and runs away for a few days over a weekend, not telling anyone where she's going, leaving everyone (dad and the kids) in a lurch.

It turns out she ran to a resort in plushy Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now, what do you suppose this raging woman did that weekend? Her husband said he didn't trust her, huh? Well, maybe she'll give him good reason not to trust her.

After she came back, she immediately cut her hair short. Could be Providentially Biblical. (i.e., "like a prostitute.") And she wore these goofy baseball-like caps for a long time. Shortly after that, she filed papers against her husband, got the older kids to swear out false testimonies about their dad, convinced him to move out of the house, changed the locks and got an Order of Protection against him.

Women, you tell me. What do you think happened at that fancy resort in Scottsdale? Have you done it? Know anyone who has?

Feel free to leave a comment. You can remain anonymous in you post.

Poisoning the children, with the court's blessings

I was talking to a total stranger last night (Hi, Brian) who turned out to be a brother! A brother in the Lord, that is.

Like the late Mrs. Bodine, Brian's wife had also shown her true colors. After many years of marriage (15), she broke her marriage vow before God and divorced her husband. She even committed adultery beforehand to "seal the deal."

That will be creepily parallel in another post. I'm finding that the more I hear about women leaving their husbands, the more creepily parallel these things are. I should have asked Brian if she did it with someone in his church.

Interestingly, wives, the Christian husbands I've talked to would have been willing to forgive you for that sin, even though, Biblically, your husband has the option to not take you back for that. But of course, as with God forgiving your sin, you need to ask first.

Brian also told me how mom had poisoned the mind of the children against him, Even to the point of making damning allegations in court, which were all proven to be false. (But not at the cost of several hundred thousand dollars. He was able to afford justice for the rich.)

Unfortunately, neither judges nor the police act when a woman lies in court or in a police report. Which only encourages more lying in court and in police reports by women. (Over the years, I had observed Mrs. Bodine becoming more embolden in her lies under oath.)

Remember the woman who lied in the Duke Lacrosse Rape case? She was never prosecuted for falsifying a police report.

And while I'm speaking about accountability, neither was the Prosecutor, Mike Nifong, ever held accountable for violating the civil rights of the three actual victims. There it was a case of "absolute immunity corrupts absolutely." See my blog about criminal prosecutors.

Fortunately in Brian's case, his children, after a few years of listening to mom's lies, finally saw the truth. His children have reconciled with him, his daughter even bursting out in tears one day, asking her father to forgive her for the things she had falsely said about him in court. (Although, thanks to the court system interfering in the family, mom still has custody of the kids.)

The only antidote for this type of poison is love. Unfortunately, it often takes time to act and the one poisoned has to be willing to take the antidote.

That story of mom poisoning the children reminded me of something Rush Limbaugh said way back in 2007 when Alec Baldwin's ex wife (Kim Basinger) taped and "leaked" an angry, frustrated voice mail Mr. Baldwin left his daughter. I sent a CD of this to former judge hinson to help him understand the dynamics of family law when Mrs. Bodine had begun poisoning her children and using the court to leave her husband. (What is the State doing in your marriage and family anyway? But that's a discussion for a different time.)

Whether you love or hate Rush doesn't change the veracity of his observation from years of life. Here's a short version of his observation about mom's in custody battles.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harassment, Unequal Justice & Angry White men

U.S. Supreme Court building claiming 'Equal justice under law'It's "funny"-in a sad way. We're told we live in a country with "Equal Justice Under Law." It even says so on the United States Supreme Court building.

Of course, Blacks and Hispanics know that's not true. Especially older Blacks from the Deep South. And now I, as a white man, am finding that Orwell was right. "Equal justice for all" is just an illusion in our country. Equal justice isn't even the law anymore! For the law now says women have more rights than men.

Consider my friend's plight. (Also a white man.) After his wife, Mrs. Bodine, clandestinely moved out of their primary residence (without telling him... it came out serendipitously in court. And here he is, dropping the children off unknowingly to an empty house (where they pretend they are still living) and worse, here he is, trying to make mortgage payments on an empty house while he's spiraling into debt), he eventually moved back into their house, thinking that would be best for the family when they reunited. (At the time, Mrs. Bodine was leading Mr. Bodine on about how she was willing to be reconciled. She was lying from the start. It was just a ploy to buy time. Men, if your wife is leaving you, watch for this lie. You'll want to believe it, but actions speak louder than words.)

Shortly after moving back in (and finding she took all the door knobs!), someone called the local power company, claiming to be Mr. Bodine and had the power turned off to the house. Twice!

Now, who do you suppose knew the account number info for the electrical utility and all the other identifying information? And who would have motive (i.e., spite) to do such a thing just after Mr. Bodine moved back in?

After the second time, he called the cops. For you see, in Arizona, interfering with the delivery of any public or regulated utility to a person is Harassment, a Class 1 misdemeanor. (Wouldn't it be ironic if their oldest son, who is now a cop, made the calls?)

Now, when Mrs. Bodine would call the cops, the Prescott Police would come running at the drop of their hats. Whether there was a valid claim or not. Even if she falsified a police report. However, when Mr. Bodine would call the cops... well, you see, he's a man. He's not a protected person, like his wife.

The cops (in this case, the Yavapai County Sheriff) didn't do a thing except take a report.

Yeah, that'll teach her.

I can understand why there are Angry White men.

Something's gonna blow one of these days.

As for me, I'll just have to be patient and wait for justice in the next life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit

A gentle and quiet spirit. NOT!It is said (and it is true) that beauty is only skin deep. Women, do you want to become more beautiful with age? Here's the secret: 1 Peter 3:3-5

As an aside, for Christian women reading this, I know some of you are working in a man's world, say as an assistant attorney general or otherwise in the legal profession. I've seen that you have to present some things to Boards (in your job) which are, well, vulgar and shouldn't be said.

While I know the money is good and you may even enjoy your work, is that what God really wants you saying as a woman?