Saturday, December 25, 2010


This blog is written for true Christians only. It will not interest you if you aren't a Christian. Nor will you understand it, as it concerns spiritual things.

For example, the title. It's from the Bible, Jesus warning a church about an adulterous woman and her immorality as she leads that church astray. If you didn't know the quote is from the Bible, then you won't understand how it applies here. (In the Bible, adultery doesn't always refer to the physical act, although it can. But I'm talking about more than "lust.")

And to understand the next entry in this blog, you would have to know the spiritual metaphor for the institution of marriage. Likewise, you would have to know who God says the head of the woman is, for you won't understand what it means for a woman to be "headless" unless you understand who the head of the woman supposed to be. You might wrongly take "headlessness" literally instead of spiritually/metaphorically. Which would be very silly and out of context. As I said, if you're not a Christian, you won't get it.

Naturally, everything I write here and in my other blogs is true to the best of my knowledge. If you don't think what I say is true, then take it as my opinion.