Friday, December 16, 2011

Women get away with murder

Well, it wasn't murder in this case. It was pepper spraying. That is, assault. Felony assault.

But no charges.

Why not? It was a woman who did it, doncha know. All they gotta do is cry and men feel sorry for them. And they can get away with a lot. (Just ask "Officer" Dan Murray of the Prescott Police Department. (But he's not really a police officer.))

So, do you remember the news reports from "Black Friday?" Some lady shot a crowd of shoppers with pepper spray. It was reported that she was a "competitive shopper" who used the pepper spray to gain an advantage. Authorities were going through receipts in an effort to find her through her purchase of an X-box.

There was so much press, that she turned herself in. And admitted she attacked shoppers.

But then, the cops let her go saying she was acting in self defense!

Yeah, right.

Did they ask the victims what they wanted? Did she buy an X-box or did she leave the store since she was in "fear for her life." That wasn't reported. Nor do we have the time or resources to pull the DR from the LAPD. So we'll speculate.

We suspect someone at Police HQ decided to give this woman, a Latina, a break, in the spirit of the season. A nice gesture . . . but you need to see what the victims, including little children, want first.

Wouldn't that be equal justice under the law? No favoritism or partiality? (God hates partiality.)

Maybe our blogger is more realisitc about this. Once, while evangelizing in front of the Mormon Visitor Center in Mesa (Arizona), a twenty something woman pointed a can of pepper spray at a Christian brother's face, point blank, and said, "If you say anything about the Bible, I'll spray you."

And we bet she felt self-righteous. Was probably in fear for her life, doncha know. (Words are so dangerous.)

This was the day before cell phones. So she got away.

But what do you think the Mesa cops would have done if someone had detained her. After all, all she has to do is start screaming bloody murder. And then she can get away with murder.

We're not looking forward to it, but things will be different once the radical Muslims take over.

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